Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor


We aim at developing programs to help you get stronger and more confident. 

The programs will help you find the motivation until your practices become natural and you created a new healthy habit in your life. We are here to support you and empower you. 

We are very interested in knowing how you are doing, your ups and downs. Therefore, we ask you to log your emotional state after your practices.


Some programs are more rigid. These are normally the starting point. We are working on physical, emotional, mental change and therefore we ask you to follow them with all your hart. We understand that some days you will not want to do it. We understand that some days you will do it twice. We understand that some days you will not be inspired and you might drop it. We understand that some days you will feel this is worthless, as as well, we hope, many more days you will feel that this did just the trick to get you moving. The point is that we understand and that you are trying. 


When you get more advanced in your journey, programs will be open which means you will choose yourself, maybe attend a (virtual) group class with us, or others, go for a walk, start a new book, anything we agreed you would do and let us know how things are going. 

We want you to get to the point where you feel you do not need us and then help others in their ups and downs. 

The Yoga Cikitsa Team.