Yoga Therapy? Who needs that?!

by Marcio da Rosa

In our humble opinion, everyone should love and do Yoga, and I mean to adhere to as many practices, if not all!

Yoga therapy is where we take all Yoga's knowledge and put it to your service. We believe that we all will need to use Yoga as therapy at some point in time.

In yoga therapy, you work on understanding your five bodies, an extraordinary theory that explains that we are made of the physical body, an energetic body, a mind-body, an intellectual body, and a higher understanding body made of bliss and in tune with the universe's existence! I genuinely love this theory and how helpful it is in helping us to find health.

Health, for us, is not to be disease-free or pain-free. We understand that these things will happen. Therefore, we work on prevention, maintenance and changing our mindset so all the accumulated negativity and despair is hopefully changed into acceptance and a will to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Yoga Therapy is for all ages, shapes and abilities. A child might benefit from Yoga to help with autism or ADHD. A teen might use Yoga to strengthen their emotional resilience. An adult could use Yoga to prevent or delay all ailments that have been forming in themselves. And in mature age, we use Yoga therapy to recover and maintain quality of life, a mobile body, a reactive mind and a positive vision of our inevitable death.

Yoga is complementary to any religion, or, like me, complementary to my scientific view of the world - making it richer, more beautiful and meaningful.

And Yoga is not just for the gifted bendy people. Quite the opposite! We work on physical, emotional and mental strength. Everything else comes as a byproduct of practicing Yoga. Everyone benefits from its therapeutic qualities.

Yoga as a therapy is so successful that psychology is taking the tools and reinventing them. This is true also for other disciplines from sociology, nutrition or diet, medicine, even physics! Just amazing what we have to learn from this ancient way of thinking and way of living! More impressive is that we are just rediscovering it.

I believe we all need Yoga and its therapies.

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